Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Management Solutions for Companies Who Need a More Cost-Effective Solution than Veeva

Sentiment Analysis


KOL Interaction Sentiment Analysis is the process of understanding an opinion about an interaction between an MSL and a Key Opinion Leader. Our system can identify the level of polarity (very positive, positive, neutral, negative, very negative) of each interaction entered into our Opinion Leader Management Service (OLms). This fine-grained approach allows us to map opinion leaders based on a 5-point scale (e.g. very positive = 5 and very negative = 1) on a U.S. map, visual graph or grid-based reporting system.

Management can use Sentiment Analysis to track opinion leader sentiment about company products over time, target opinion leaders who feel negatively towards company products, or determine if particular demographics play a role in sentiment. When used in conjunction with our OLms Collaboration Network, Speaker Identifier or P-O-V components, management can also identify anomalies that exist between negative sentiment and highly influential opinion leaders. This can provide a better picture of MSL effectiveness over the long run.


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